11 Instagram accounts that bring me utter joy!

My friends welcome to Tuesday blogs, which will be less heavy in subject matter and therefore hopefully more fun! As you can see from the title I’m going to talk about my top eleven (yes eleven) favourite Instagram accounts that bring me pure and utter joy.

Maybe you’ll feel like following some in which case I will be very happy. (I’ll also link mine at the bottom, a sneaky / not so sneak self-promotion). These are in no particular order, so without further ado! Let’s begin.

  1. The Good Advice Cupcake

If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed my love of The Good Advice Cupcake. You also might have seen my terrible attempt at emulating her on a balloon. She is sweet, zany, and oftentimes intense. She is a ray of sunshine on my feed and I look forward to her posts. I’ve often gone back through her page when I was feeling down and it cheered me up. Go get yourself some bliss.


  1. Gary Lestrange Photography

If you are into photography please go follow my friend. He’s got the most beautiful eye for detail. I couldn’t pick my favourite photo honestly so I just screenshotted some for you. The colour coupled with the vision in these is beyond words (which is saying a lot for me!). He somehow manages to capture the world anew. Giving you a story with one single photo, and reaching across the laws of physics so we can see the raw fact.



  1. Sarah Anderson Comics (AKA Sarah Scribbles)

This comic makes me laugh until I cannot speak. I then have to lean on a wall or a loved one for support. Her perspective on life is fascinating. My favourite comic by her is this one:


We relate Sarah. So. Hard.


  1. Brandon Calvillo

If you remember Vine (RIP Vine), then you might remember this guy. He makes short films on Youtube now which are very interesting. However, his utilization of the Instagram platform is compelling. He manages to tell funny stories, in just a few photographs with barely any words. Just the odd sign or name badge. I implore you to check it out. He’s also very astute. His view of the world, while cynical, is humorous.



  1. Safely Endangered

This one is in here for Le’Boo. Although I discovered this comic artist first, he has rapidly become one of his favourite Instagram accounts. With classic comics such as the one below (with my pitiful attempt on a balloon), who wouldn’t love Safely Endangered!? Please go check him out and give him a follow if you think he’s worth it. I honestly do!


  1. Graceful Embroidery

Another friend of mine I couldn’t pass the opportunity to promo. Her style is elegant (one might say Graceful?!) and her artistic talent is used to create works of art in embroidery. I received one of her hoops as a gift (see below, I love elephants) and it hangs on my wall above my desk bringing me joy every day. Go. Give. Her. A. Follow. Please.



  1. Yes I’m Hot In This

When I started my PhD in June 2016 I made a rake of new friends (Irish saying), and a lot of them are Muslim. This comic strip is not only hilarious but has actually taught me so much. It has saved me accidentally insulting them loads of times. If there is any chance that Yes I’m Hot In This is reading I want to offer my sincere gratitude for the knowledge and laughter you’ve given me. Something which is very hard to achieve concurrently and you do it masterfully.


You deserved that knowledge, you bigoted old lady! Go Huda! 😊


  1. That Bird Life

Those close to me will know that I have an utter obsession with birbs (birds). I love all kinds from crows to cockatiels, seagulls to parakeets. This account follows the daily life of Ollie, his owner, and his bird friend Louie. He is a very cheeky birb, and on occasion when he doesn’t get his way he will nip his owner’s ear. However he melts my heart because he’s recently learned to say “I love you.” If you like birbs and birb antics I recommend Oliver the green cheeked Parakeet.


What a cutie


  1. Googlyness

I have been known to stick googly eyes to things, much to the chagrin of my loved ones. Le’Boo is very patient with me. For his birthday I drew characters on many balloons and stuck googly eyes to them. He couldn’t resist sharing and the result was the discovery of this account googlyness. He takes it to a whole ‘nother level! Look:


I feel like he’s mocking me…


  1. Stop Clickbait

It’s exactly what it says on the tin. Clickbait articles are becoming more and more infuriating. This Instagram account has got your back!



  1. Tiny Snek Comics

No, I haven’t misspelled snake. This is Tiny Snek. He is a wonderful, miniature, slithery, surrealist friend. He has been my friend for years now, and I squeak at the cutesiness of his comics every time. Here is just a sample (Aside my terrible attempt…).

*Yawning with no arms* I am dying… 😀          


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Alright, that’s it for today! If you liked this why not have a look at my own Instagram account!?




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