Sustainability Goals 2020

Preamble Hello Moonlings, maith an lá, how are you all? Normally this post would come earlier in January however my life was stupid crazy coming up to Christmas. Also, I had to move it to suit my impromptu post of last week. I’ve made some wonderful changes already like using bamboo toothbrushes and reusable coffee… Continue Reading →

Sustainability: Half Year Update

*I AM NOT SPONSORED BY ANYTHING IN THIS POST I GENUINELY JUST LOVE THESE PEOPLE / COMPANIES* Preamble Hello Moonlings! It’s that time of year where we thank the zero-waste / sustainability gods for alternatives to single-use items, animal products and fashions. This is my second year setting sustainable goals for myself. It makes it… Continue Reading →

Sustainability 2018 Review

My friends, it’s been a year. Yes, 2018 was a year. I’m trying to find something nice to say about 2018 but politically, environmentally, and humanitarian-ly ( it was a bit of a disaster. Not that great things didn’t happen, but equally mental things happened too. So when I tell you I had a productive… Continue Reading →

Buzzword… Sustainability!

Sustainability! Buzzword…Sustainability! Say it with me, sussss-tainnnnn-aaaaa-bility. It fills us with shame, doesn’t it? It makes you feel like you did when you were watching television instead of doing your pesky math homework. You are not alone friend! I am there. It began when I was little and I realised I could bring my cereal boxes… Continue Reading →

My reading list 2020

Preamble Hello, fellow bookworms! I see you there! You’re the people who bring books with them wherever they go. (They’re like having a friend with you). The ones whose TBR pile is getting out of hand. The ones who could have a tidy house if it wasn’t for all your books! Last year I managed… Continue Reading →

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