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While this is a repackaging of her 2008 album “The Fame,” I still consider it an era in itself. Apparently she wrote these while on her first tour for “The Fame.” We were all dying for these songs, I remember playing “The Fame” to death, so when “Bad Romance,” hit the airways (remember radio?) we were screaming along with it. I understand why “Bad Romance,” is such a fan favourite but for me there are some other really killer songs from this era.

So let’s get into it. As I said in the previous post please feel free to go ahead and do this ‘challenge’ if you are a little monster. The 5 categories are:

  1. My Favourite Single of the Era.
  2. My Favourite music video of the Era.
  3. My 5 Favourite album tracks (non-singles).
  4. My Favourite looks.
  5. My own version of the looks (if you’re into that!).

My Favourite Single of the Era

Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro.”

I’m not entirely sure why this is my favourite, but I think it’s something to do with the music in it. There is a sample of an old violin piece from the 1900s and there is something haunting about it. The music video is also fantastic, and would have been my choice for the era if it wasn’t for “Telephone.” Some of the my favourite lyrics from this era come from this song, “Don’t wanna kiss, don’t wanna touch, Just smoke my cigarette and hush,” and “She’s not broken, She’s just a baby, But her boyfriend’s like a dad, just like a dad.”

The music video is exquisite, and honestly if “Telephone” hadn’t been made, then “Alejandro” would have won hands down. This song is apparently about her catching feelings for her beautiful make gay friends, but that is just fan speculation. However, she actually told a publication that it was about her “Fear of the Man Monster,” which makes sense considering the song “Monster.” The soundscape of the song was unlike any of the pop music at the time, and her talent gives her music longevity.

My Favourite music video of the Era

What a Collab “Telephone.”

I’m pretty sure myself and my friends watched this video 100 times when it was released. We just sat on the couch and watched it over and over again on a laptop. It was just one of those videos that we couldn’t stop watching, and I still enjoy to this day. I would also love to see that part II that was promised all those years ago. There is still time ladies, 2021 needs the new Gaga and Bey collaboration!

Some of her most iconic looks are in this video, her ‘urine’ coloured hair, the telephone headset and even the diet coke cans in her hair. Makes me smile everything I see them. The wacky Thelma and Louise narrative, the awkwardly placed sponsors, and the America Flag outfits are simply iconic. While I think iconic is probably overused, I feel Gaga deserves the title. 408 million views to this day do not lie.

My 5 Favourite album tracks (non-singles)

While this is a short album, it’s pretty much just an LP, every track is a banger.

  1. Teeth.” – I remember dancing in my underwear to this a lot. There was something empowering about it. “Take a bite of my bad girl meat.”

2. “Speechless.” – I’ve become more recently enamoured with this song. It’s the first time we got to hear her voice in full swing. I love the line, “I can’t believe what you said to me, with your Johnny Walker eyes.” Such a wonderful song, and I think this would have made a great single to give the general public the ‘softer,’ side of Gaga.

3. “So Happy I Could Die.” – This song has some great fun time lyrics. The feelings it evokes are those from my clubbing days, back when I was “Happy in the club with a bottle of red wine, smiles in our eyes cuz we’re having a good time, so happy I could die.” Just want to say red wine is my favourite go to drink, and Beyoncé also has a lyric about it in

4. “Monster.” – Again some of the best lyrics are on this album, “He ate my heart and then he ate my brain!

5. There are only 8 songs overall, and 4 of them were singles…

My Favourite looks

Lady Gaga in her MV “Alejandro.”
Lady Gaga “The Fame Monster” Era
Let’s Make A Sandwich
“The Fame Monster.”

My Own Versions

I went with my favourites from her ‘Alejandro’ video, seen above.

Just smoke my cigerette and hush.”

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The Fame

Lady Gaga.

That’s the post. Thank you for reading.

Nah I’m just kidding. I’ve been listening to Lady Gaga a lot lately. Her music has always been therapeutic to me. Turns out that’s exactly what she was going for. So I thought why not be creative and transformative while listening to my beloved blond icon.

Baby Gaga.

I thought I would go through each ‘Era’ and discuss some of my favourite videos, looks, and songs. All of her albums and eras have a different place in my heart so none is greater than another. Just as in Chromatica. If you are a fan of Gaga, I urge you to do the same. Here are the questions if you want to have a go:

  1. My Favourite Single of the Era.
  2. My Favourite music video of the Era.
  3. My 5 Favourite album tracks (non-singles).
  4. My Favourite looks.
  5. My own version of the looks (if you’re into that!).

My Favourite Single of the Era

Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance.”

My most cherished single of this era will always be “Just Dance,” as this was my first introduction to her. I was only 17 years old. I was on the bus on the way to college and it came on the radio. Apparently she wrote this in a few hours while hungover, and well, I feel that vibe in the song. Dancing to this in college are some of my favourite memories. Apparently she was literally singing about just dancing through being so drunk at a club you have no idea what is going on. I think those lyrics apply even to our modern lives so, “Just dance, gonna be ok.

Favourite Music Video of the Era

Lady Gaga’s “Lovegame.”

While I love the video for “Just Dance,” because it reminds me of every house party I went do during my college years, it isn’t my choice for the era. In fact this was her more reserved era, probably due to financial restraints and the record label. So for me the video that has the most Gaga feel to it is “LoveGame.” The leotards, heels and dancers scream future Gaga. I love the lavender hair, the dirty beat, and her references to a disco stick. She was very comfortable in her sexuality and expressing her enjoyment of sex, and as a young woman I found that very inspiring.

Favourite 5 Album Tracks

Lady Gaga’s “I Like It Rough.”

Simple as, a lot of these songs could have been hits.

  1. I like it Rough.” – Reminds me of the kind of men I used to choose.
  2. Paper Gangsta.” – Hahahaha reminds me of the men I used to choose.
  3. Brown Eyes.” – Such a sweet love song about losing someone you loved.
  4. StarStruck.” – Very surprised this never made it to single.
  5. Disco Heaven.” – She knows where she came from.

Favourite Looks

This cute Disney look from the “Paparazzi” video.
The hair bow was a classic during this era.
She is a huge David Bowie fan.
The perfect straight blond wig and glossy lips. Classic 2008/2009. We were all rocking straight hair and glossy lips.

My Own Versions!

Cuz I’m bluffin’, with my muffin’.”
“I just killed my boyfriend.”

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